3DSymposium | Barcelona 2017 - Edition V
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The 3DSymposium is characterized by its educational approach. It features top speakers with a great ability to convey knowledge to their audience.


You’ll have the chance to get to know the participants and speakers. The incredible network created makes it an unmissable event.


What everybody loves about the 3DSymposium is its fully instructive approach. There are no lessons to promote products — just to share education and experience.


All participants will receive an official participation certificate for the 12 hours’ training planned over the two days.

Simultaneous translation

All participants will have access to simultaneous translation
with earphones, in Spanish and English

Each Hispanic speaker will be simultaneously translated into English, while all English speakers will be translated into Spanish – You won’t miss a word


This year, the 3DSymposium will last a day and a half
Register now to take advantage of the ‘September‘ special price

SATURDAY 7 – (morning, 10h – 14h)

9:15 – Reception
9:45 – Event introduction
10:00 – Aldo García & Ciro Sannino – Certified Trainers
11:00 – Coffee time
11:15 – Nuno Silva – NUMA
12:15 – Jaime Jasso – Industrial Light & Magic

SATURDAY 7 – (Afternoon, 15h – 17h)

15:30 – Pedro Fernandez – Arqui9
16:45 – Break
17:00 – Victor Bonafonte – Beauty & The Bit
20:00 – Saturday Beer / Networking Time
Chat & Beer

SUNDAY 8 – (morning, 10h – 14h)

10:00 – Berga & González
11:00 – Nikos Nikolopoulos – Creative Lighting
12:00 – Break
12:15 – Matthew Bannister – Dbox
13:30 – Questions & Answers
14:00 – End of the Day 2



Official 5SRW and V-Ray Certified instructors


Founder/Creative Director at Arqui9 Visualisation


Senior Digital Matte Artist/Generalist at ILM, San Francisco


Founder/Creative Director at DBOX - NY, Miami, London


Founder and Art Director at Beauty & the Bit


Founder and Art Director
at Nu.Ma
Aveiro - Portugal


Founders at Berga & González Architects, Barcelona



We are celebrating the V edition of the 3DSymposium, always adhering to our main concept: Education + Networking


Founders of Berga&González architects in 2001, at the beginning they worked with architecture in general but using always images for the internal process of their own projects to get the approval of their architectural projects with the clients

In 2001 because the economic crisis they change their direction as a studio and they begin the way of the architectural communication, offering the possibility of architectural consulting and images for their clients.
Currently, this strategy of communication let them participate in many architectural projects for clients around the world.

Class Contents

  • Managment and tools for productivity
  • Strategies to improve the rentability
  • Managment expectations
  • Project Managment
  • Consistency of the service
  • Management of the team

Aldo García & Ciro Sannino

Aldo García has worked in the architectural visualization industry for more than 10 years, however his search for aesthetics images has led him to explore other areas such as photography, finding there the keys to achieve 3D images with a higher aesthetic level. He has worked in studies in Mexico, USA and currently in Spain with Berga & Gonzalez and is an instructor of LEARNVRAY

Ciro Sannino started 15 years ago working with V-Ray with the idea of creating images with the implicit excitement of a photographic light. Combining his academic studies in Process Design and a brand new vision of V-Ray, he launches the 5SRW method, enhancing the traditional workflow with the power of the full photographic approach. Ciro is an author, official instructor certified by Chaos Group, and he works as trainer and manager at Learnvray

Class Contents

  • Handle the color well makes images more photorealistic
  • History and theory behind LUTs
  • Theory of color and applications
  • Correction of color based on references
  • Optimizing post production times
  • The simple way to achieve photorealistic images

Nikos Nikolopoulos

For several years, Nikos worked at Cityscape Digital as their lead 3d artist and then following on as CGI director. Eventually the call of the homeland grew too strong, but Nikos and Cityscape were like family too and did not want to part company. Instead they forged a new concept together, creativelighting.co, a vision for CG driven by the philosophies of cinematic lighting. Recently he launched Creative Lighting Club, an exclusive community in which CG artists can learn and be inspired, a place to unleash the power of the artist.

Nikos travels the world to deliver workshops, sharing his Creative Lighting philosophy and helping all kinds of artists take their work a step further. He is passionate about the morning light and magic hour. He believes that inspiration is everywhere and in life everything is creative.

Class Contents / Extra

  • The Artistic Process
  • Direction of Light
  • Emotional Response From Lighting
  • LightMix Workflow
  • Creative Lighting Philosophy

Nuno Silva

Nuno Silva is a Portuguese architect, who is the founder of nu.ma, an excellent example of a small studio dedicated to 3D visualization and design of architectural projects, able to produce high quality images.

Nuno Silva decided to deepen the subject of architectural visualization when he realized that thanks to the images generated in 3d, was easier to sell his projects, Nuno believes that communication is the key to the success of a project, and both, architectural projects and the 3d projects developed in nu.ma, are based on a continuous reflection and the communication of all the parts that compose the project.

Class Contents

  • the importance of 3d to grow in the architecture field
  • The importance of communication in 3d and architectural projects
  • Drawing as a fundamental process of communication
  • Photographing what does not exist?
  • workflow of nu.ma
  • Finding the best framing and lighting for each project

Matthew Bannister

Matthew Bannister founded DBOX immediately upon completing his graduate studies in architecture in 1996. His vision was, and remains, a unique multi-disciplinary design and communications agency that produces intelligent creative solutions across multiple platforms and mediums for clients in property development, architecture, and the arts. Matthew has consistently focused on building a team whose talents include creative direction, branding, design, photography, film, and digital experiences. In addition to his operational responsibilities, which entail frequent travel between DBOX’s studios in London, New York, and Miami, Matthew is a hands-on creative director. He leads internal design reviews, directs films, and shoots many of DBOX’s lifestyle campaigns

Matthew studied fine art at the Parsons School of Design, he earned a Bachelors of Architecture from Cornell University, and earned a Masters of Architecture from Princeton University. He has taught visual communications at the School of Visual Arts, Parsons School of Design.

Class Contents

  • Creative process of one of the top projects of DBOX – Park Avenue 432, New York
  • Inserting 2D elements with ease
  • Creative direction of Park Avenue 432, NY
  • Let’s talk about art direction
  • Developing Virtual Reality in Dbox
  • Brief talk about business

Pedro Fernandes

Pedro Fernandes studied Architecture, but he falls quickly in love with Architectural visualization, he has been working on this field for around 10 years, one day he dicided to create his own studio to create also his own style, now he is the Founder and Creative Director of Arqui9 Visualisation, a studio based South of London in Surrey. Inspired by concept art and a detachment from the photoreal take on visualisation, Arqui9 has developed it’s unique style and approach inspired by concept art and matte painting

Pedro also loves to teach to others his knowledge, currently he has tutorials on youtube and his website and also he loves to share his philosophy about the balance between work and life

Class Contents

  • Matte painting techniques for archviz
  • Inserting 2D elements with ease
  • Using photographs to compliment your works
  • Quick sketches and mood drafts
  • Colour grading
  • Final touches & style

Jaime Jasso

Jaime Jasso has been working in the VFX industry for about 20 years. Thanks to his talent he has worked for some of the world’s most important VFX studios such as Blur Studio, Axis Animation and currently in the world’s most prestigious VFX Studio ILM (Industrial Light & Magic) better known as Lucas Film

Jaime is a specialist of Matte Painting in the film industry and he will show us the level so complex that Matte Painting can be taken, beyond Archviz

Class Contents

  • Environments for VFX
  • The Concept Art and the importance of visual language
  • Creation of assets
  • Techniques used for productions like Star Wars-Rouge One
  • Atmospheric and optical considerations
  • The final composition of cinematographic scenes

Victor Bonafonte

He began his career as a full‐time architect but soon he got inevitably attracted by the beauty of images and their ability to narrate a project and to tell a story. He has a spirit of permanent improvement and he´s always striving to mix the architectural illustration with his main artistic influences such as cinema, painting and photography

Victor is the Co‐Founder of Beauty and The Bit a young creative collective based in Madrid who has achieved international recognition through architectural imagery and managed to collaborate with the main studios in architecture worldwide.  Beauty and The Bit is always trying to find new ways of expression for architectural illustration to avoid making something sterile and clichés

Class Contents

  • Creating icon images
  • Making a relevant and iconic illustration is about art direction
  • The process at ‘Beauty & the Bit’
  • How to take the right choices in terms of design,  following the less common ways
  • Problems and Solutions
  • How is our artistic approach, how we face and solve problems, which are our foundations and the way we use our brains


Gallery Hotel is located in the heart of the city of Barcelona, just a few meters from Paseo de Gracia and very close to the main modern monuments. A few steps from the hotel there’s La Pedrera (Casa Milà), Casa Batlló and Casa Ametller – [ VER LA WEB ]

The ‘Diagonal’ metro station is 50 meters from the hotel and is two stops from the Sagrada Familia, this same metro line also has direct access to the port of Barcelona. Also in the station of Paseo de Gracia (L3) there is direct connection with the train connects the center with the airport – [ VER EN GMAPS ]

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